Every member a missionary, every missionary a preacher!

The Laymen's Cry is a group of ministers proclaiming the message for the Church of Laodicia (Church Proclaiming Judgement).

This message is to resurrect ministers, who led by the spirit, pray and fast for the lost sheep of Israel. They begin the work to gather the first fruit tribes of the 144,000 thousand living saints. This last message of prayer aims to fufill the call to search the highways, hedges and crooked paths for the spiritually bankrupt and hungry lost sheep. 

Our doors are open to the devoted few who see the living Temple a daily sacrifice for truth and justice.

Please contact us below or join our broadcast and prayer events that we may escape the great judgment to befall the Church and the world.

Our FaithTalk Broadcasts are scheduled for Friday eve (Shabbat) and Saturday Sunrise (Shabbat) after prayer. Send us your request to join a FaithTalk Broadcast.   

Bro. Rameshia Zion


The Laymen's Cry Ministries, Ltd.
Jamaica NY 11434

Phone/Fax: (206) 350-6183


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